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No Reg. : 800
Id Strava : 13514742
Nama : Nurwahid Eka Purnama
Kota : Jakarta Selatan
No.Tanggal GowesAcara GowesJarakJamMenit
1.2020-07-31Ride: God Is Great 45.15214
2.2020-07-25Ride: Back in Time 50.64219
3.2020-07-24Jumatan Ride 2.52012
4.2020-07-19Time to Ride the Whims of Our Minds 20.4919
5.2020-07-19Morning Ride 19.76058
6.2020-07-17Ride: Every Drop for Every Load 20.17123
7.2020-07-15Ride: A Little Time for Wheels to Cycle 20.34112
8.2020-07-15Ride: A Brief Moment to Roll 10.64036
9.2020-07-12Hot Ride: When We Embrace What Lies Within Our Potential Has No Limit 45.0629
10.2020-07-10Ride.Roll.Raise 30.33124
11.2020-07-05Ride: Life is too Short, Do Cycling Whenever You Can 33.70143